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Benefits & Perks

As a global, diverse and dynamic company, we offer many exciting opportunities and a total rewards package to match.

Employee Health and Wellness

Our vision and values should shape everything we do. We believe strongly that they should be lived and experienced every day. By providing our people with a healthy diet and sporting activities, we support our principle of ‘healthy minds in healthy bodies,’ and create the healthy workforce that sets us apart.


Our appeal to new and existing people doesn’t just rest on the financial rewards and benefits we offer. Our name conveys hard-earned value and trust in all our people. We pride ourselves on our strong relationships between line managers and fellow workers. We offer a global, diverse and enriching environment. And we have countless possibilities to learn and grow. All these factors – our Total Rewards as we call them – contribute to our appeal.


Provide a globally consistent framework with the flexibility for each Market to create competitive programmes that comply with local legislation.


Focus on attracting and retaining talented employees, building a high-performance culture and ensuring a highly engaged workforce that achieves sustainable business results.

Although there are variations between Markets in what employees value, there are also some common elements:

Performance Culture

A high performance culture supported by differentiated rewards and development is key to the delivery of individual and business objectives. This is driven by the alignment of clear and challenging responsibilities and priorities and ensuring that employees are aware of how their work impacts Nestlé.

Career Development

At Nestlé you will have the support and encouragement to achieve true fulfillment, by growing professionally and personally, collaborating with colleagues and partners diverse in both culture and ways of thinking.

Talent Assessment & Succession Planning

Succession Planning is the way in which we plan career development and fill middle and senior-level jobs. We are very methodical about how we plan this process. Nothing is left to chance. Our succession plans cover all the key jobs in Nestlé and include a list of forecasted potential successors for those roles.

Corporate Mentoring Programme

Our Corporate Mentoring Programme will help you to accelerate your development through relationship-based support, transfer of experience of key insights and unwritten rules as well as bringing exposure to the areas beyond the current role.


International Training Center

Our International Training Centre in Switzerland will provide you with a variety of programmes and courses to exchange knowledge and share ideas with colleagues from other countries

International Mobility

There is always an opportunity to deepen your expertise and develop leadership by getting an international experience. We have over 2000 expatriates in some 96 countries. Together with other multinationals we have launched an exclusive network that help dual career spouses with their local job search as well as professional integration in a new country.

Global Youth Initiative

Our Nestlé needs YOUth programme aims to help people get skilled and get hired.


The Nestlé Global YOUth Initiative is an investment for the future. We want to continue developing the next generation of Nestlé Leaders

Alliance for YOUth

In order to create an even bigger societal impact, Nestlé founded the Alliance for YOUth in 2014 with more than 200 companies participating.

The 'Alliance for YOUth' is the first pan-European business-driven movement pledging to help young people be better prepared to enter the professional world, and improve their chances in a challenging job market. The Alliance will offer 230,000 new work opportunities for young Europeans between 2017 and 2020. It has already provided training and jobs for 115,000 young Europeans since 2014. Learn more about the Alliance for YOUth.

Diversity & Inclusion

We aim to provide a workplace culture that generates equal opportunities for everyone.

Women at Nestlé

Read these stories from some of the women in key management roles across the organisation.


Céline manages a global project that involves reviewing the R&D network so that it can deliver innovations to a level the business expects thereby ensuring long-term growth.

This is an important project for Céline. R&D is a main contributor to Nestlé’s success in the long term, and there’s a huge network to leverage from. She finds it fascinating to watch the organisation become leaner on a global scale. 


That positive attitude gets people behind you during a time of change and closer to the vision. 


Sonia is German, Algerian and Swiss. She has spent 14 years in HR with Nestlé, in businesses as varied as Nestlé Purina Petcare and Nestlé Nespresso in Switzerland and the UK. Today she is Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Nestlé Headquarters.

Sonia believes that the impact she makes in her role is about demonstrating the importance of diverse thinking. Indeed, her favourite project is an ongoing one – increasing gender diversity across the organisation.

She identifies strongly with Nestlé’s culture and values, and enjoys not only the people she works alongside but also the ambition Nestlé has as a company. 


Know yourself very well and believe in what you’re doing, with a strong sense of purpose in everything you do.


When Valérie chose to take on the role of EMEA RA Regional Director, it was for the challenge and novelty. The role wouldn’t disappoint. She needed to create and define the full scope of the job, and build part of the team, team spirit, processes and systems from scratch, which involved a re-thinking of the functioning.

She believes that leadership is not just about leading, but about identifying potential in an individual, group or company and helping them to unlock it. 


To inspire others, leaders need to know themselves and their limits, persevere with confidence and adapt quickly to change. 


As Scientific Advisor, Petra works on strategic projects driving Nestlé’s Nutrition, Health and Wellness agenda, she has helped create the scientific backbone and substantiation for United For Healthier Kids – a pioneering programme that aims to help parents to establish healthier eating and lifestyle habits in children.

One of the things that she likes the most about working at Nestlé is the variety of professional experiences that you can have as an employee, such as moving from research to marketing. Furthermore, she enjoys the multinational environment that allows her to interact globally with colleagues from multiple different cultures and contexts.


Together everyone achieves more. 

Equal Employment Opportunities

Our culture is based on our values rooted in respect: for ourselves, for others, for diversity and for the future. Our ways of working and flexible environment allow us to adapt to the ever-changing world. Promoting an inclusive environment helps us bring our purpose and values to life every day.


It’s worth visiting the site regularly to make sure you don’t miss out on any new opportunities.

The Process

Wherever in the world you apply, our recruiting teams will work hard to make your job search experience as easy as possible. Below you’ll find more details around our process. Take a look and if you still have questions, check out our FAQs.
1 Search

Our website includes job opportunities across all of our businesses all around the world. It’s important to us that you take the time to research us as a company as well as the position. The fit needs to be right for you just as much as you are for us. We also encourage you to follow us on social media and/or sign up to receive our newsletters to get to know us and our unique, inclusive culture. 

Start Searching

2 Apply

To be considered for one of our positions, you must apply via our website and meet all of the basic qualifications of the job. We keep in touch with you via email, so be on the lookout. You can also check on the status of your application at any time, by signing into our system.

3 Interview

If you meet the basic qualifications for the job, your application will be thoroughly reviewed by one of our recruiters (a human, not a robot!). If you are fit, you will be contacted by a member of our team to schedule a first interview. This may be conducted over the phone. Make sure you take time to prepare.

4 Offer

If you make it passed the interview and are considered the top candidate for the job, then congratulations are in order! You will be contacted in most cases by phone to notify you of a verbal offer. Then shortly thereafter, you will receive access to our pre-boarding portal where you will review the written offer and other important paperwork in more detail.

5 Welcome

Once the offer has been agreed upon and the necessary background procedures have been successfully completed, then more content will be unlocked in the same pre-boarding portal that you previously accessed in step four to help you prepare for your first day with us. You’ll also have a contact to whom you can direct all questions. We are excited for you to join us!